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Services at 10:30 a.m. MAP

Sunday, April 27

“Understanding Backwards,
Living Forward”

Rev.Carol McKinley

When Danish philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegaard wrote, “Life can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward,” he was referring to individuals. However, his words can help guide members of congregations as they journey together to build a healthy religious community.

The Reverend Carol McKinley is an affiliated community minister with Olympia UU Congregation. She is a member of the Pacific Northwest District’s Healthy Congregations Team, and serves on the PNWD Board of Directors. Last November, she retired as coordinator of Washington UU Voices for Justice, our statewide legislative advocacy network.

Coffee time following worship service
O.W.L., Our Whole Lives, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Monday, April 21

Monday Night Meditation, TUUC sanctuary, 7-8:45pm.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us on Monday evenings for meditation in the Vipassana tradition. We typically sit or walk in meditation for 30 minutes, listen to a recorded dharma talk, and then have a short discussion in the spirit of awareness. No previous experience or preparation is necessary. All are welcome. You can enter the sanctuary using the stairs next to the parking lot. If the weather is cool, you may want to dress warmly for the sit.

On Monday, April 14th, James will facilitate a talk by Alan Watts: Man, Nature, and the Nature of Man – Session 2.

For more information, contact Rob Gramenz (rgramenz@harbornet.com) or Mark Backus (backusm@harbornet.com).

Tuesday, April 22

Earth Day: Host a Watch Party on Earth Day

UU Ministry of Earth suggests gathering to view the documentary “A Fierce Green Fire” on April 22nd on PBS. American Masters presents A Fierce Green Fire, the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement, premiering nationally Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 9-10 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) in honor of Earth Day. The one-hour documentary chronicles one of the largest movements of the 20th century, and one of the keys to the 21st century.

Wednesday, April 23
Adult Religious Exploration  - 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Sanctuary
Facilitator: Susan Kunkel

“UU History and Theology, and Pathways to Membership, Part 1”

Curious About Unitarian Universalism and Membership with Our Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation?

Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation's "Pathways to Membership" class begins April 23rd for two sessions. This class provides a brief overview of Unitarian Universalism as well as introducing you to our programs, to other new attendees, and our church leaders.

The first session will be held in conjunction with our Adult Religious Exploration on Wednesday, April 23rd from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A potluck for all participants is scheduled prior to the class at 6:00 p.m. Pathways attendees are our guests and do not need to bring a dish. The final session is Saturday morning, April 26th from 9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. A light breakfast will be served prior to the class starting at 9:00 a.m.

If this spring schedule does not work for you, our next Pathways will be held in the fall.

There is no obligation to become a member after taking the class, however we hope you’ll want to join us. For more information, visit with our Membership Committee after the Sunday service at the back of the sanctuary, or contact Susan Kunkel, if you want to learn more.

Contact Church Administrator, Libby Ball, at Admin@TUUC-WA.org or at 253-474-4646 to let us know you plan to attend, and let us know if you need childcare during either or both sessions.

Thursday, April 24

Third Thursday- Hospitality Kitchen
1323 S.Yakima Ave.,Tacoma
8:00 a.m.

Hospitality Kitchen is a program of Catholic Community Services that serves a free breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday for those in need. Members and friends of our congregation have been volunteering at Hospitality Kitchen once a month for the past six years. We serve. breakfast and lunch at Hospitality Kitchen,on the third Thursday morning each month. We arrive at 8:00 a.m., or shortly thereafter, and serve through lunch from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

We are also looking to expand to a second day per month volunteering at Hospitality Kitchen. So, if you are interested in joining us on the third Thursday, or if Thursday is not a good day. for you, give Joan Benderson a call at 253-566-4334 or email at joan.benderson@nventure.com, to let her know when you are available

Yoga, 6:00-6:45 p.m., Sanctuary
Note: If you regularly join the Thursday night yoga group, or if you’re just interested in exploring something new as part of your yoga practice, you might be interested to scroll back up in this issue of E-News and read about the Yoga in Meditation that will be offered as part of the Monday Night Meditation this week.

Choir Rehearsal, 7:00-8:30 p.m., Sanctuary

Friday, April 18

Last Friday Sandwich Making 5:30 p.m., Kitchen

Saturday, April 26

Pathways to Membership 9:15 a.m., Sanctuary

Saturday Night Drum Circle, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Sanctuary

The Beat is Back! All ages and skill levels are welcome to join the Drum Circle on Saturday evenings. Bring your own hand-drum or just grab a piece of percussion from our bucket o’ boom. Guaranteed to lose all inhibitions within the first five minutes. Facilitated by John Hargis, private drum teacher and restless musician. Come be a part of our 2014 Circle of Celebration. Dancers are most welcome!

Coming Events

“Healing Power of Humor”

Six Week ARE Workshop: Wednesdays, April 30 - June 4, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Spring forward into laughter and humor! Ellen Watson and Ellie Elderbroom are offering their talents from doing improv on stage for our congregation!

Anyone age 16 or older can take the class. The class will culminate in a performance for the congregation. The maximum number of participants for the class is 15. There are only a few spots still available, so register soon!

Sign up with Susie Maharry at smaharry@hotmail.com.

Save the Date: June 7, 2014! Auction!!

The Tahoma UU Congregation Auction will be held on June 7th this year, so mark your calendars now for this fun and important event. The event is co-chaired by Maryellen Martinez and Sheila Whybrow. Start planning what you might donate, and begin dreaming about what you might buy! Stay tuned for more details as the event develops.

South Sound Classical Choir Spring Concerts – 2014

The South Sound Classical Choir is offering its Spring Concerts, featuring music of Mozart, Beethoven, Purcell, Rutter, Lauridsen, Paulus, Brahms, and others.

Dates and venues are:

  • Sunday, April 27, 2014, 3:00 p.m. at Mason United Methodist Church, 2710 N. Madison Street, Tacoma
  • Friday, May 2, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 2306 Milton Way, Milton
  • Sunday, May 4, 2014, 3:00 p.m. at University Place Presbyterian Church, 8101 27th Street West, University Place

Jack and Joan Bregger are members of the choir and have tickets! Admission is free with or without tickets. We hope to see you at one of the performances.

Joan Bregger

Congregational News

Updates from Our Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Meeting Recap – April 15, 2015

  • With 10 dedicated observers, we spent most of our Tax Day meeting focusing on revising the budget for the balance of the year. Additionally, we:
  • Reported that Bob Lane, James Venturini, and Mike Field have each received goodbye cards and thank you gift certificates from the congregation.
  • Announced an Auction Committee to be co-chaired by Maryellen Martinez and Sheila Whybrow has formed. Mark your calendars now for June 7 auction event.
  • Recognized that our Treasurer, Tony Paulson, will step down May 20. We realize that although he’s been in role only a short 16 months, he has totally reviewed and updated five years of TUUC financial records. No wonder he’s ready to step down! The Nominating Committee is seeking interested candidates for this important role.
  • Chartered a Task Force to review the Disruptive Persons Policy. This Task Force is chaired by Tanya Baker and includes Janee Cox, Felice Davis, Jennifer Johnston, Fran McLaughlin and Rob Ramsey. Their recommendations to the BOT are due at our June meeting.
  • Approved salary in alignment with UUA salary guidelines for Developmental Minister and RE Coordinator positions to be filled in the fall.
  • Set June 1 as the date for a Congregational Meeting to approve the revised budget for 2014.

This recap does not replace the formal BOT minutes which will be prepared, approved, and posted in the hallway next to the church administrator’s office.

Developmental Minister Update

Scott Redman will Chair the Developmental Minister Selection Team. He will be working with a small group of congregants to screen, identify, and recommend to the BOT our next minister. We understand from Keith Kron, UUA Transitions, that we could have our next minister named by the end of June and in the pulpit in September.  

Chris George, President, Board of Trustees

Northwest Detention Center - Housing Requested for Released Detainees

A great need for those leaving the detention center is a home-stay for those who have no family nearby. If you have any extra space for a few days or longer, please call Laura Clark Marshall at 253-343-4324. We understand this is a very rewarding experience for those who have provided housing.

Nancy Farrell

More Opportunities for Involvement!!

Task Forces Being Formed

Safety and Security Task Force

John Rieber presented a framework for a Security and Capital Improvements Plan at the BOT meeting on Tuesday, March 18. We are preparing to move forward to enhance the overall security of our building in the months ahead.  Before we do that, we need people representing our different focus areas to help review the overall plan and make sure our decisions don’t cause more problems than they solve. If you can be part of a 3-4 month project to develop the Security and Capital Improvements Plan, please contact Chris George or John Rieber. We need someone who is close to the RE program, someone involved in Worship, someone involved in the evening ARE programs, and someone close to the Greeters role.

Once we have a plan mapped out, we will need to educate congregants, we will need Sextons who are willing one Sunday a month to keep an eye on our entrances rather than sit in the Sunday service, and we will need to train our renters to use the new security improvements. But that is a bit further down the road.

For now, if you can make a 3-4 month commitment to help us get this plan finalized and ready to implement, we need you!

If you have a passion for safety and security, you can help us. We are asking for a 3-4 month commitment to move this important work forward. Thank you in advance, if you can help us.

Party Planners

We are looking for a small group who will take the lead in planning an event for late July or early August to plan a warm send off for Lori as she departs her DRE role at TUUC and a warm welcome back to Susie as she returns from her sabbatical. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Chris George. We have two committee members already (Fran McLaughlin and Scott Redman) so we need just a couple more to help them.

Caffeine Providers Needed

AS THE WORLD GRINDS. Yes, the next episode will hopefully have a brand new character in the role of a coffee maker. On stage only once a month. Requirements: arrive early to make the coffee and carry it up the stairs into the sanctuary. Little dialog expected unless the coffee maker overflows, then some colorful language will be allowed. No cup carrying or table setting needed, just filling 4 pots with the appropriate liquid. Other characters are Richard Horn, Gayle Rieber and Felice Davis, but, as there are usually 4 Sundays in the month, we need one more willing person who will work for free. Training provided with an appreciative smile. Contact Felice Davis for more info.

Flowers for Sunday Services

Share the beauty of flowers or plants in joyous celebration or beloved commemoration, and adorn our sanctuary for Sunday services. Contact Joan Bregger at breggerjcb@gmail.com or 253-761-9038 to schedule your floral gift. Once you’ve arranged your designated Sunday with Joan, please bring the flowers to the church at 9:00 a.m. prior to the 9:30 a.m. service, and we’ll share your celebration or commemoration in the Sunday Order of Service. If desired, receipts for the purchase of flowers may be submitted to the TUUC Church Administrator for a tax deductible donation document. Thank you for providing the beauty of flowers for everyone’s enjoyment during our Sunday services.

Church Office Hours

To best serve the needs of the congregation, the church office hours through May 2014 will be Sunday through Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Church Administrator, Libby Ball, will be onsite during these office hours.

NOTE: On Thursday, April 10th, we will be changing our phone provider for the church to both improve our service, and slightly decrease this communications operational expense. Phone and internet service may not be available during the day on April 10th, so, if you need to contact the office that day, and can’t reach the church administrator, please call back. Better yet, you can email the Church Administrator, Libby Ball, at Admin@TUUC-WA.org.

We at Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation are a liberal religious congregation of about 200 members, plus friends, who share our lives, our values and principles, our questions, and our faith and spirituality with one another. We have Sunday services, and we have other activities and programs all week. We are one of over a thousand independent congregations that voluntarily belong to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

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