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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Poets Speak to UU's (Whether They Know It Or Not)"
Mary Watson and Virginia Lane

There are two modern poets who triumphantly proclaim themselves as Unitarian Universalists. One is a former Poet Laureate, the other the author of many books and an ardent feminist. Come and find out all about them and hear the poetry of others whose work speaks to all who are of a liberal religious persuasion.

Coffee time following Worship Service

This Week at TUUC

Monday, July 28

Monday Night Meditation, TUUC sanctuary, 7-8:45pm.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us on Monday evenings for meditation in the Vipassana tradition. We typically sit or walk in meditation for 30 minutes, listen to a recorded dharma talk, and then have a short discussion in the spirit of awareness. No previous experience or preparation is necessary. All are welcome. You can enter the sanctuary using the stairs next to the parking lot.

On Monday, July 28th, Rob facilitating.

For more information, contact Rob Gramenz (rgramenz@harbornet.com) or Mark Backus (backusm@harbornet.com).

Community News

Social Action and Immigration - UUS & National

Beyond your Change for Change contributions this week to Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, supporting the people in the Northwest Detention Center and their families, there are many ways for you to support immigration reform through your social action:

Make an appointment to speak with your Members of Congress during the August Recess while they are in their home district

To prepare for your meeting::
The National Day Laborer Organizing Network brought together a panel of immigrants who are experts in the law and politics to develop a list of actions that could be taken now. Here are those Blue Ribbon Commission recommendations here:

Highlight these two Blue Ribbon Commission recommendations when speaking with your representative:

Expand Deferred Action to the Fullest Extent of the Law

This will simply exempt people from deportation for a specific period and allow them to work legally.

Eliminate the Bed Quota & Drastically Curtail Use of Detention

Many advocates decry that Congress requires DHS to arbitrarily have 34,000 detention beds available on any given day, a so-called "detention bed-mandate." However, as current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has noted, the appropriations legislation says nothing about mandating the detention of 34,000 people to fill those beds."

Ask Democrats to have President Obama use his executive authority to extend deferred action to all families while Congress refuses to act.

Some think the Democratic Party is delaying the President taking action, claiming it will hurt their reelection bids.

Ask Republican representatives to repeal the bed quota as a good small step that Congress could take to end some of the suffering.

Ask representatives to support WA Congressman Adam Smith's bill,"Accountability in Immigration Detention Act" which responded directly to the demands of the NWDC hunger strike.

Contact Jolinda Stephens if you need further information.

Immigration Reform & UU Statement of Conscience

UUA 2013 Statement of Conscience-Excerpted

Our Unitarian Universalist (UU) Principles and Sources compel us to affirm that all immigrants/ regardless of legal status1 should be treated justly and humanely. At a minimum/ a moral immigration policy would include the following elements:

  • A path to legal permanent residency and citizenship
  • Work visas that
    • Require the same worker protections applicable to citizens including fair wages1 safe and healthful environments/ and receipt of benefits
    • Do not depend on a single employer
    • Allow multiple entries
    • Permit entry into the path for legal permanent residency and citizenship
    • Provide parity between the number of visas and the work available in the receiving nation

  • Timely processing of applications for visas and timely deportation decisions
  • Access to the same medical care and education available to citizens
  • Evaluation of human and environmental costs and benefits of proposed barriers to immigration or other changes in immigration policy
  • Due process under the law/ including legal representation/ rights of appeal1 and the right to initiate suits 411 Alternatives to detention for those not considered a threat to society and humane treatment for those being detained
  • Preservation of family unity1 including same-sex and transgender couples and families
  • Provision of asylum for refugees and others living in fear of violence or retribution
  • Collaboration with source countries to address underlying issues that contribute to immigration/ including trade policies.


UUA Resources
Worship, religious education and theological resources1 as well as service1 direct action1 and immersion trip opportunities.

UUA Study Guide for Immigration as a Moral Issue:

Social Action and Immigration - Local

Beyond your Change for Change contributions this week to Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, supporting the people in the Northwest Detention Center and their families, there are many ways for you to support immigration reform through your social action:

Grandparents for Kids

Nancy Farrell is sponsoring an action in support of migrant children held by the government. The action at the federal courthouse was originally scheduled for late July, but is being rescheduled to an August weekday at noon - exact date TBA.

Right now Nancy is seeking people to be willing to be arrested with her to raise awareness about the issues of undocumented children. The Not1More Northwest team is backing Nancy and this action. They expect media attention, a good police liaison team, and a good legal team for those arrested.

Volunteers interested in participating in this civil action, please email both Nancy Farrell, and Jolinda Stephens.. Participants do not need to be grandparents, or even old enough to be grandparents - all are welcome. There are also opportunities for participants who will not be in the group of those who anticipate being arrested.

UPDATED: Support Detainee at Detention Center Hearing Due to unknown issues, the hearing for Miguel Angel Armenta Olabarria was cancelled this past week. Jolinda Stephens should have information on this case when available.

Miguel Angel Armenta Olabarria and his US citizen husband have been married for six years. Miguel is living with cancer, hepatitis
C, and HIV and has not been receiving all of his prescribed medication while detained for many months in the Northwest Detention Center. The hearing, when it occurs, will decide whether he will be released or deported.

At this time, we do not have info on a new hearing date. When the hearing does occur, having community members attend will
be important to the process and outcome.

Contact Jolinda Stephens at 614-915-4079 for more information.

Additional Resources

UUA: Full of worship, religious education and theological resources, as well as service, direct action and immersion trip
UUA Study Guide for Immigration as a Moral Issue

National Day laborers Organizing Network, Our national partner for immigration action
The Blue Ribbon Report
NWDC Resistance Facebook page, the official page for those organizing the support of the hunger strikers
NWDC Resistance Twitter
NotOneMoreDeportation.com is a project of NDLON meant to foster collaboration between individuals, organizations, artists, and allies to expose, confront, and overcome unjust immigration laws

Congregational News

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Sunday Service Flowers - Summer 2014 and Beyond

During the summer months, members and friends are invited to bring flowers to share, including from your gardens. If you wish to have an acknowledgement in the order of service, please contact the church administrator by 9:00 a.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday service.

Church Office Hours

To best serve the needs of the congregation, the church office hours through May 2014 will be Sunday through Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Church Administrator, Libby Ball, will be onsite during these office hours.

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